A professional translator does not only require a perfect command of her languages, but many additional skills as well. She always has to remember what she translates, for whom and why, as a literal rendering of a text is by no means a good translation. Only a translation that reads like an original is a good translation. Therefore, it is important to seek the assistance of a professional translator when you want to have your documents translated.

Your Benefits

In close collaboration with a broad network of proficient and experienced colleagues, I will take care of all your translation projects from English, French, Spanish and Italian into German and vice versa. Of course, I also offer proofreading services for texts written in German.

Working with state-of-the-art translation memory software enables me to optimize your translation processes, to ensure highest quality and to maximize consistency of terminology and style throughout all of your projects, year upon year. This in turn will help you to communicate your brand message successfully and to strengthen your corporate identity.


Language services differ from project to project. Therefore, rates are calculated on an individual basis and according to the requirements of your project.

Translation and proofreading rates are usually calculated based on the number of characters in the source text, using so-called standard lines. The price per standard line varies according to the subject, complexity, deadline, format and type of the source text.

For a no-obligation quote simply contact me and outline the details of your project. You can rest assured that all your information will be treated as strictly confidential.